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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Three Suspects Arrested in Pipe Bomb Investigation

Here's a story that has been on our local news for several days now, though I'm pretty certain we haven't heard the end of it just yet. It seems that Bubba A was building pipe bombs, lots of pipe bombs, in a rental storage building. This story doesn't mention the exact number of bombs Bubba A produced but does mention the 40 bombs that Bubba B stole from the storage unit after breaking in. Bubba B then dumped some of the bombs last week to get rid of them and saved the rest to be dumped this week. I think I read that this week's dump of bombs was 20+, some of them left in a dumpster and the rest flung out into an empty lot.

I want to know what exactly Bubba A planned to do with 60 or more viable pipe bombs! I really doubt he was building them up just for the fun of hearing things go bang. I am really glad that responsible citizens found these devices and contacted the authorities instead of unknowing kids or teenagers intent on trying them out just for fun.

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